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Hawaii Camp
From Camilla in Sweden

Dear family, those we know and those we have not yet met!!

February 16-22, 2009 we have the opportunity to go deeper into community again with the Native American Medicine Story and his wonderful wife Ellika! This time on the blossoming and powerful island of Hawaii!! Right in paradise! The Hawaii-camp starts off the celebration year of 2009 when Medicine Story turns 80.

During an exciting week we will live together in the thick green jungle at Coco’s – a course and retreat center with a focus on organic holistic thinking, community and spirituality. In the embrace of Mother Nature we create a safe circle where we can be ourselves fully, meet in openness, heal, learn, and play. With the power of the volcanic island and the ancient wisdom conveyed to us by Medicine Story we find a more original way of living as human beings in harmony with each other and with nature.

The talking circle will be our basic tool during the week. In the circle everyone is seen and heard and all are equally important parts of the whole. Together we have much wisdom and power that no one can carry alone! The circle creates safety and gives us the chance to share our deepest thoughts and feelings with the active listening and closeness of all. We will feel more clearly who we really are and what stops us from being ourselves! Old fears, thoughts and patterns that lie in the way can be let out and healed in the circle. Every day we meet with the whole camp in the great circle, as well as in smaller circles of 5-6 people. We also make use of the co-counseling method, which essentially works as a mini circle made up of just two people.        

During the week we will listen to the wisdom of Medicine Story and see and feel where we stand on questions like: What is a sustainable way of life? How do I want to live as a human being on this earth? How do we live together as human beings? How can we be good leaders for a better world? We will also have a sweat lodge, open stage, story telling, ceremonies, singing, dancing and music. We get a tour of the area to visit people who have chosen to move into nature to live more independently and self-supporting. If there is interest we can together create special activities for children and teenagers. This will be a magical week that we create together!

After camp there are possibilities to organize trips together to see the beauty and power of Hawaii. Hawaii has incredible nature with 11 different climate zones! We could see lava flowing out into the sea, swim in hot springs and waterfalls, swim with dolphins and turtles, enjoy the exotic jungle with magical fruits, lie on a beach and drink coconut milk, and watch the stars from the world’s highest mountain (counting from the bottom of the sea) Mauna Kea! Naturally we might also take in the old Hula tradition of singing, dancing and music. Those who want to can try out Hawaiian massage - Lomi Lomi, and possibly see a Kahuna – a Hawaiian shaman.

We warmly welcome you to an inner and outer adventure for life.

The trip is organized by Camilla Klasson Måne and Kalle Grill. I, Camilla, have spent the last three winters on Hawaii and I must say that the beautiful nature of the island and the people I have met there have changed my life in magical way! I have also helped organize camps with Medicine Story at Mundekulla course center in Småland, Sweden, where I work as a cock. It feels amazing to have this chance to combine and unite these two strong powers. Kalle Grill is a graduate student of philosophy and has taken part in many of Medicine Story’s camps. He has also led talking circles in Stockholm, Sweden, where he lives.

Prices and practical information
The price of the camp is 2600 SEK or $400 and includes vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinner during the whole camp, as well as a spot to put up you tent. Rooms and bungalows are available at extra cost. Children up to the age of 12 come for free. Teenagers aged 13-20 pay1500 SEK or $230. To secure a place, a fee of 500 SEK or $80 should be paid to Kalle’s account. Contact Kalle at +46 (0)70 720 70 60 or Camilla at for the account information. The trip to Hawaii you arrange yourself but we will of course give you tips and advice! The closest airport is Hilo.

The camp starts Monday February 16th, 2009 at 2pm and ends around 5pm Sunday the 22nd. If you travel far, we suggest you arrive at Coco’s the day before the camp to rest and get used to the time difference. If you want to come even earlier camping at Coco’s is $15 a night.  

To be able to plan and make necessary payments we need you to sign up for the camp no later than November 30th, 2008! However, if this reaches you later than that, please contact us! 

The drive from Hilo airport to Coco’s is an hour and busses are rare. Together with Coco’s we therefore offer transfer at a cost of $20.

Going to Hawaii is a long trip and we encourage all to stay at least two weeks on the island to really have time to experience it!

Our thoughts on the camp’s economy
We want as many people as possible from all over the world to be able to join us at this camp! We have therefore tried to keep the price as low as possible. As organizers we work for free and make no profit (except that we do not pay the camp fee). ”We” in this case means Camilla, Kalle, and a few helpers from Hawaii. The fees go to pay for flights for Medicine Story and Ellika, renting a car, renting the place, and foodstuffs. If there is a money surplus it will go to aid Story’s and Ellika’s work with inmates in American and other prisons. 

Contact and registration
Don’t hesitate to contact us!
Email Camilla:
Cell phone Kalle: +46 (0)70 720 70 60

Please forward this to all your friends who might be interested! Hope to see you in Hawaii!

Camilla and Kalle

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