Ending Violent Crime

Ending Violent Crime is also available as a biligual paperback book.


A Report Of A Prison Program
That Is Working
A Vision Of A Society
Free Of Violence

by Manitonquat (Medicine Story)

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To Loren Acquin and Frank Torres,who demanded their rights as native men in prison

to the elders:

Slow Turtle John Peters, Chief Big Eagle Piper, Peemee Beverly Bolding, Stock-waan Ed Sarabia, Wildcat Paul Cloud, gkeesettanamoojk, Althea

to the volunteers:

Michaeleen Kimmey, Bob Bassett, Two Rivers Mark Allen, Mike & Linda Seitz, Jim Farnham, Ellika Lindén, Pete, members of Beechtree Medicine Society & The Drum

to the supporters:

Chaplains Dan Smith, Concord NH & Father Bruno, CT; Fred Levesque Prison Counseling Director, CT; Lt. Mark Lavalley & Corr. Officer Bob Blanchard, CT

to the past and present men of the circles:

at Osborn, Enfield, Carl Robinson, MacDougall and Cheshire Prisons in Connecticut, North Central, and Shirley Prisons in Massachusetts and the New Hampshire State Prison in Concord NH

to Leonard Peltier and all other political prisoners everywhere

and to the evergreen memory of Chief Walks Tall Bill Bolding who freely gave his love from a heart as big as the sky