Letter from Ellika and Simon

Arbon CH /Kopenhagen DK, 01.03.2019

This letter is from Simon and Ellika, trying to find out things after Storys death. It’s confusing and difficult to find the best way to carry Story's vision through. We are trying to cope with what is. Story left a big hole behind him and we are missing him terribly. And we are doing the best we can.

Dear friends of the circle

Quite some time has passed since Francis Story Talbot, Manitonquat, Medicine Story, our dear friend and elder, embarked on his journey to the land of the souls. For some of us life has already moved on a little bit and for others this event is still very present in our hearts and minds. For us Story still feels very close … Not a day passes when we don’t think of him, miss him, remember his words, his spirit, his humor, his music, his stories, his visions and dreams…

He left something in the hearts of thousands of people, something we can feel and remember him by. Our friend, father, elder…
He showed us a world, an idea, a part of ourselves… a hope, that enables our souls to breathe again and feel relieved, and makes us remember the good in all things… it doesn’t matter what you choose to call it, you feel the nature of his gift to you.

We are GRATEFUL and thank all of you who supported Story and Ellika in this difficult time. Story’s family, his dear sons Tokeem and Tashin and their families. The tribe, our friends in the US and our friends in Europe. You dear Heckenbeckers, who tirelessly cared for Story and Ellika’s well-being. And you who joined them in Heckenbeck to help. You supported us with advice and care, prayers and love. Even with “tiramisu!!!“ (Alice) And all of you who could not be there, but were with us in spirit. It was deeply touching how people united hearts and minds to be there for somebody else. From deep in our hearts we say THANK YOU.

We look back upon the past year with gratitude. Gratitude for people not losing faith and strength and continuing the circles as Story taught them.

Story wanted it that way. Thanks to all of you organizers who continued the camps, seminars and workshops. And you who came to the workshops to share and cherish the work that Story and Ellika have done over decades. Story wanted Simon and Kiki to take over the work last summer until he and Ellika could do it again. He still hoped that it could be possible.

And Simon took on the camps and workshops with a lot of courage and heart until Ellika joined him in the end of August.

It was a challenging time and all the tasks were mastered by everybody involved. Everything that needed to be kept, was kept. And therefore the circle way could live on and touch many people also after Ellika’s return in August and the completion of the summer substitution Simon and Kiki fulfilled. New circles were formed and people who never met before now are meeting regularly.

Story and Ellika could not have done what we did the last 5 years without Simon. We traveled together and spent every day, almost every minute together for almost 6 months in the summers. It created a bond between us. We talked and listened and laughed and cryed, discussed and prayed...

Simon internalized a lot of Story’s knowledge. Story used to say “Simon has a computer in his brain. He remembers everything.“ And he loved how Simon was close to the kids and how creative and full of new ideas he was and how he shared his own experiences and knowledge. So Story asked Simon to take over when he could not do it anymore. He fully supported and approved of Simon, his spirit, his being and how he leads circles following his heart. I am so grateful for that. He knows the people, the events and the organizing. The urge, compassion and duty, which both Ellika and Simon feel, has made it clear to us that we both want to continue doing this if it is wanted and needed by people.

After returning from the states, the way we did the circles and camps worked out well, we think. For a while we thought of expanding the team in order to have more people whilst on the road. The investment of time and energy and of organisation and funding didn’t seem to be quite work out and traveling just became more complicated. We found out that two people for the travels are enough for the time being. It remains to be seen and we are open to anybody joining us in the future like Simon joined Story and myself.

But we only go to a few places. We are not the only ones. There are many different wonderful leaders in the Circleway. Many of you make your own circles and camps, many of you have a lot of experience ..Many of you teach..It is wonderful...many circles ...many places!!! Invite leaders from other circles!! Let’s change the world!! The circle is one of the tools how we can change our situation on Earth. And we are all needed in these challenging times. Let’s share the teachings and the beautiful simple wisdom!! Together there is nothing that we cannot do!

So: Organize events and camps! Share the opportunity to have experiences full of depth and love with people in a circle!

The situation of the Earthmother is so frightening...we need to stand together in this time of threat to all life on Earth, to continue the work that Story and everybody else have done. Storys legacy and that of his elders shall continue and live on. We will do what we can and travel everywhere where people invite us this year and the years to come. As long as we are wanted and feel that it’s right.

Story’s life purpose was to bring people together and change the world! It seems soooo big, we are many and together we can do it, step by step...reaching out to each other, listen and share time and feelings and grow. And find out how to act! No time to waste! And never give up!

Even if it feels impossible, what would be better? History has shown that people can make a big difference! With some hope, joy and some humour and good spirit.
Let’s be there for each other.
Let’s reach out to young people.
And remind each other of the spirit of never giving up!
Let’s connect compassionately with beloved Mother Earth and all creation.

Aside from teaching and leading circles with Ellika, Simon will still organize the Tours in Europe. For any questions or information write Simon: Simon@jamnik.ch

So the organization of the tour continues and many dates have already been confirmed. Like in the previous years those dates will be published in March on our schedule.


Let us continue to make this dream become reality, connect our hearts and little by little, piece by piece, make the world the place that we wish to live in. Together there is nothing that we cannot do!

With love and solidarity

Ellika and Simon